When performing photo-epilation, it is important to keep the hair growth cycle in mind.
The hair growth cycle consists of three stages of growth:
Anagen - active growth
Catagen and Telogen - Various stages of dormancy/resting (no growth)
At any given stage, a patient's hair can be all of these stages of the growth cycle. Only hairs in the Anagen (active growing) stage are successfully treated. The hair in the Catagen and Telogen stage of growth at the time of treatment will later enter the Anagen stage and appear as "new growth".
This is the reason that hair removal generally requires an average of 5 treatments.
  • The upper lip gets treated every 6 weeks
  • The chin every 10 weeks
  • The pubic area every 12 weeks
  • Under arms once in 3 months
  • Full legs once in 4 to 5 months
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